What Is VPS Hosting - The Complete Guide


Here at Sernet Hosting we completely comprehend hosting solutions provided by everybody in the business. In fact, we’ve been in the business of reviewing these providers for years. Our reputation prides itself as one of the best review hosting companies. We try to deliver dependable and very affordable cloud hosting solutions for companies worldwide. We examine datacenter options for IT companies globally. Folks come to us to comprehend what they need to purchase.

Now let us jump straight into it.

What’s VPS Hosting?

We are going to attempt and provide you with a fast primer on VPS hosting. We will teach you how this type of hosting can compare to other alternatives and what these alternatives can provide you with in terms of attributes and service. Not all hosting companies are made the same.

VPS hosting is among the most popular hosting solutions you may pick for your site. It uses virtualization by software like KVM, Hyperv, and Vmware to provide you with dedicated resources on a physical server.

Most website owners begin using shared hosting. With time, as their website grows and needs more resources to service more users, they might require a more robust hosting choice. Which is why we point these users to VPS hosting. It is a more safe and secure alternative than shared hosting, in which you do not have a dedicated server to maintain as that is pricey. Virtual Server hosting is smaller-scale and more economical than renting a whole server. You are basically getting the majority of the benefits from dedicated servers while paying less.

Hosting websites is a tough process to understand because there are thousands of moving pieces. Topics such as DNS, high availability, PHP scripting, security can quickly overwhelm you. However, the basis of everything you want to understand can be known relatively fast. Together with VPS hosting, you have precisely root-level accessibility as though you had a dedicated server, but at a far lower price. This permits customer utilizing VPS hosting to experience comparable capacities and functionality to a dedicated server/host for their websites.

in the shortest words possible, VPS hosting should provide you more bang for your dollar.

Why Would Someone Pick VPS Hosting Over Other Solutions?

Although we can tell you that Virtual Server hosting is the best solution, we’d like for you to also come to this understanding on your own after reviewing the facts.

Do not be fooled by shared hosting. With shared hosting, all sites on a host share the processing capacity of this server. That means hundreds of sites share 1 server. This implies that if every site on the host experiences high traffic, this also affects every other website’s functionality and performance. Since shared servers can house dozens or perhaps hundreds of sites, this places your site in danger for poor performance, damaging your website’s reputation as it could go down.

VPS Hosting Offers You Complete Control

Virtual Servers provide you with a higher degree of control over the host and the capability to personalize it in any manner you see fit with any operating system you see fit. However, those who wish to purchase Virtual Server hosting are somewhat wary of the technical know-how required. Rest assured your hosting provider should be able to support you with any questions, and there are millions of guides on configuring the Virtual Server online.

The VPS solution is entirely in your hands, but tech support from the provider is there to assist you if desired. You have to decide between a managed service or a semi-managed service where you are responsible for most of the tasks (like installing WordPress). With a VPS, you receive dependable resources which are yours to fully use. This gives you, the customer, a far more secure hosting environment with little to no fluctuation from the resources out there.

Make Sure To Shop Around For Prices, Avoid the Biggest Name Brands

We have come to find that the big name brands just don’t offer as good pricing as small-medium sized companies. Shop around and compare prices, even look for hosting coupons. First, determine what kind of server you need, Linux or Windows. If Linux, then search around for a cheap Linux VPS. If Windows is the operating system you need, then look for a Windows VPS. Most providers offer both kinds as the requirements in the backend do not really change and they don’t want to lose revenue.

Backing Up Your VPS

Every VPS includes a committed number of resources that are readily available for you when it is necessary. For many hosting providers, daily backups are also part of this process, but it’s not always guaranteed. Make sure to ask your host on how they back up your VPS, if at all.

Safety With VPS Hosting Is Easy

Virtual Servers are isolated from one another via the technology provided by KVM, HyperV or Vmware. This makes them more stable than shared hosting environments. Considering that the VPS is totally yours and not accessible to different users on the same physical server, they cannot access your files, or steal your resources (like RAM or HDD space). You are essentially renting a mini-dedicated server.

VPS DDOS Protection Is a Must

You also need to check to a VPS using DDOS protection because these can take off your small business. Denial of service attack on a website in a shared environment may bring down other businesses’ information and sites hosted on that server.

Installing Your Programs On Your Server

Most people are not fully equipped to install scripts like WordPress or Joomla, thus you can open a ticket with your provider. Most providers, even if only offering semi-managed or unmanaged solutions will still put in effort to install the script for you. Furthermore, there are guides online on how to accomplish this without the help of the provider.
If possible, you should look for a hosting provider that offers 1 click install of famous applications like the control panel, PHP, SQL (database) and script (WordPress).

Get a Control Panel For Your VPS

Most providers will offer you the ability to purchase a control panel with the VPS which they install. The most common and feature-rich control panels we have tested are the following:

cPanel VPS

DirectAdmin VPS

Webuzo VPS

All of these panels offer functions that we deem necessary to run your server:

Features Of The Virtual Server Control Panels

A GUI For Managing Your Virtual Server

A Graphical User Interface so you don’t get stuck in the CLI, GUIs are also good at preventing accidental errors in the server.

Easy Install of Apps On Your Virtual Server

All 3 of the above panels offer the ability to quickly install your platform like WordPress Or PrestaShop with simply a few clicks.

Database Manager For The Virtual Server

All 3 panels offer a GUI for managing the databases, users and their tables via PHPMYADMIN.

Managing Multiple Domains On The Server

The panels also offer the ability to host multiple websites on one Virtual Server.

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